Production capacity of the top level in the country contributes to injection needs such as dental anesthesia.

Systems capable of producing up to 400,000 pieces a day to meet the needs of pharmaceutical containers. Since these products come into direct contact with pharmaceutical preparations, they are packaged by automatic cartoning machines without human intervention.

Accounts for about 70% of domestic cartridges for dental use

As a pioneer in the field of dental cartridges, Shiotani Glass has continued production since the industry’s infancy. Now we are supplying cartridges for dental anesthesia that account for about 70% of domestic share. In pursuit of automation and unmanned operation, just a few administrators are enough to run a large-scale production system for clean manufacturing.

High-accuracy and high-speed inspection using camera

Camera technology has advanced in recent years for higher definition images and faster program judgment. Shiotani Glass is actively promoting system upgrades.
Visual checks by experienced operators are made concurrently to ensure products with reliable quality are placed on the market.

Cartridge Forming

Material tube loading

Puts material tubes into the hopper of cutting machine.


Cuts the material tube.

Size checker

Checks total height.

Bottom forming

Heats the cut end to form the bottom.

Mouth forming

Forms the mouth with a roller and a mandrel.

Strain removal (Annealing)

Puts the vials into the annealing oven to remove strain.

Cartridge Check

Size check

Checks all sizes by size checker.

Camera check

Checks appearance by camera.

Appearance check

Checks for mouth/bottom shapes and quantity.


Various case materials are supported.

Data spec

Material Borosilicate glass
Volume 1.0~2.2 mL (White/Brown)
Image diagram
Standard specification (White) Unit:㎜
Volume A: Body diameter B: Total height C: Mouth OD D: Mouth ID F: Body wall thickness
1.0mL 8.65 42.0 7.40 3.10 0.90
1.8mL 8.65 63.0 7.45 3.35 0.90
2.2mL 8.65 75.0 7.45 3.35 0.90

Non-standard sizes and volumes are also available.Contact us.


A wide variety of tip shapes, high bore accuracy and capacity to meet individual needs are supported in many health care settings.

Luer type
Vial mouth type
Double chamber type

The shape demanded for syringe varies with the needle to be put on it, and high-accuracy forming is also required. Shiotani Glass is ready to manufacture syringes of various shapes. All our syringes are produced with high accuracy under strict quality control.

Other shapes are also supported.
Consult with us.

Data spec

Material Borosilicate glass
Volume 1.0~10.0 mL (White/Brown)