Capable of supplying 100,000,000 vials a year or a total of 400,000,000 pieces when all pharmaceutical glass containers are added up.
Production control system to support one of the nation’s largest-scale manufacturing bases.

Shiotani Glass has a pharmaceutical glass container supply system that is top-level in the country. Even just in terms of vials, 100,000,000 pieces a year can be supplied, and when ampoules, cartridges and syringes are added all together, total annual supplies will reach 400,000,000 pieces. To prevent spread of infection, help people with weak resistance, and resolve the global shortage of glass containers, Toyama factory building has been expanded to boost production by 50,000,000 vials a year. The head office in Osaka draws up equipment and production plans to back up this supply system from future perspective.

Osaka Head Office

Address 4-4-14, Nakatsu, Kita-ku, Osaka, 531-0071
Phone +81-6-6371-6331
Fax +81-6-6375-0876

Toyama factory

Address 1889-4, Ota, Tonami, Toyama, 939-1315
Phone +81-763-32-2211
Fax +81-763-33-1831
Access By Train:
20-minute taxi ride from Shin-Takaoka station, Hokuriku Shinkansen (JR West)
10-minute taxi ride from Tonami station, Johana Line (JR West)

By Car:
10 minutes from Tonami Interchange, Hokuriku Expressway
Production item
  • - Vials, Max. output: 100,000,000
  • - Ampoules, Max. output: 200,000,000*
  • - Cartridges, Max. output: 100,000,000*
  • - Syringes, Max. output: 3,000,000*

Rough annual estimate

Affiliated company: Shiotani Kasei Co., Ltd.

Address 2F Maruta Bldg., 2-7-53, Nishimiyahara, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, 532-0004
Phone +81-6-6394-6878
Fax +81-6-6394-6879
Line of business Sales of plastic containers and other related products for pharmaceutical and cosmetic use.