Glass Containers
to Safeguard People’s
Lives and Health

Quality and Supply System to Support Medical Scenes

ISO 15378

Pharmaceutical glass containers hold medicines that enter human body; therefore, they are deeply connected to people’s lives and health.
This is the reason Shiotani Glass is committed to meeting all the needs required for pharmaceutical glass containers. We have manufacturing technologies that meet the quality, shape and any other requirements of the three pharmacopoeias (JP, USP and EP), and established BCP (Business Continuity Plan) that enables product supply even in the event of earthquake or other disasters. With accumulated knowledge and passion, we can overcome challenges we will face. Because the products we produce are glass containers that safeguard people’s lives and health.


Our ampoule manufacturing technology invented first in the country was even called revolutionary. Here are techniques and products we have continued to refine ever since.

One of the top-class production systems in the country, capable of supplying a hundred million vials a year. Custom orders including shapes and metal elution suppression are supported.

As a reliable and proven supplier, we account for 70 percent of the domestic market. Our fine shape processing with high accuracy is trusted, particularly as the standard for dental syringes.

Rubber caps for vials, aluminum caps, autosamplers and more. We not only provide these accessories, but also assemble them.

We can also offer plastic bottles and other packaging for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, supporting your designing, assembly, and printing needs.


Besides the quality checks in the manufacturing processes, products are subject to shipping inspection based on the in-house regulations. Only the accepted products are placed on the market.

Vials that meet the requirements of the three pharmacopoeias (JP, USP and EP) can be produced constantly by primary processing only.


Domestic and overseas bases

Major destinations, shipping from Japan

Major destinations, shipping from Malaysia