President Masanori Shiotani

The Company started as Shiotani Glass Works founded by Takumi Shiotani to manufacture pharmaceutical ampoules in 1930. Since our founding, we have been actively striving to practice “Quality First” in our company motto, changing from handcraft to automation. As a result, we started operation of automatic ampoule forming machines developed on our own, which led to improved quality and stable production.

In 1964, we purchased forming machines made in Germany first in the industry to start manufacturing vials. Towards further quality improvement, we started operation of the own developed vial forming machines in 1974. Currently, we are providing vials that satisfy the requirements of the three pharmacopoeias (JP, USP and EP), all manufactured by the forming machines developed on our own.

In 1971, we started manufacturing the cartridges for dental anesthesia by the own developed forming machines, towards the domestic production of dental anesthesia. Bearing market needs in mind, we have been continuing to face challenges with our ingenuity and effort.

Now we manufacture and sell syringes in addition to ampoules, vials and cartridges, continuing progress as a general manufacturer of injection containers.

For business in North America, we have registered a Drug Master File in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and a Product Master File (PR-MF) in Canada. We also launched a joint venture in Malaysia (now a wholly-owned subsidiary, Malaysia factory) for entry to pharmaceutical market in the Southeast Asia and OEM product support for Japanese pharmaceutical companies. We are actively expanding business to keep up with the changing times.

Since the time of founder Takumi Shiotani, we have set a social mission to contribute to pharmaceutical industry through glass containers and to safeguard people’s health, making steady efforts with passion in manufacturing. We will continue to make progress that meets the advanced pharmaceutical needs, and to provide glass containers that secure the quality of medicines and deliver them safely to patients who need them.